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2H City Connect: A Social Sensation Made for Hohoe.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

By Antoinette Herrmann-Condobrey

The digital revolution offers limitless opportunities across every area of life, but social connectivity tops it all for communities across the globe. Hohoe, in Ghana’s Volta Region, isn’t missing out, and 2H City Connect is emerging as one of the social sensations ensuring that.

The six-month-old group with strong ties to Hohoe and surrounding areas has made noticeable strides already, fulfilling a major goal of giving back to the community that has shaped the lives of its members in many ways.

2HCC Members Donates to Hohoe Municipal Hospital
2H City Connect made a donation to the Hohoe Municipal Hospital in January 2017, right after New Year’s Day. The assorted items were presented to the children’s ward of the government hospital; a gesture that has received great reviews.

“Our goals evolved from just meeting to have fun to more” rewarding ones, says Agbemor-Flint Honour, a founding member of 2HCC. Agbemor hinted that the group intends to identify a project in Hohoe from time to time to support.

2H City Connect is a classic example of what is possible when ideas are shared in the right places, at the right time, with the right people.

The group, known for its fun-filled area-to-area gatherings, was inspired by a Facebook post by one of its founding members, Cynthia Ama Gadzanku. Gadzanku expressed nostalgia for the town she grew up in – Hohoe – whose culture leaves lasting impressions on all manner of people with physical connection to the area.

The crave for life all over again in Hohoe, and the opportunity to meet and socialize with others from the same background, was a shared feeling that resulted in the coming together of a handful of friends to form 2H City Connect.  

The group derives its name from an existing nickname for Hohoe – 2H City – which is especially popular among the millennial from the area, a demographic critical to its success.

The challenges this infant organization faces are not unexpected. They range from financial through idea pooling and to some extent, operational. Currently, its activities are centered in Accra and membership excludes people based in Hohoe townships. But that is temporary, Agbemor points out, stating that the group’s interim executives are working hard toward opening its membership to Hohoe residents by Easter 2017. Still, everyone, regardless of residence, can freely participate in all of 2HCC’s activities, the leadership emphasizes.
2H City Connect relies heavily on social media to get its message out. Its Facebook page is its leading communication channel. The group is in the process of creating a database within Accra, through which it hopes to more effectively reach its target audience.

Beyond having fun, members also could benefit from 2HCC in other meaningful ways. They can look up to the group for links in the job market in line with 2HCC's strong desire to help group members achieve economic empowerment in any way possible, Agbemor explains. 

That 2H City Connect is a breath of fresh air for the Hohoe area, there is no doubt. Sustaining its vision however cannot be underestimated; hence the call for all to come together to make the group's dream a success. 

“A little kindness can make a big difference,” Agbemor appeals.