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GHANA ELECTION: EC Chair Won't Rule Out Electronic System Breach, Asks Voters to Wait a Little Longer for Final Result.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Accra Ghana

Madam Charlotte Osei, chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, just ended a press conference in Accra to update Ghanaians on the state of the ballots, following the country's December 7 polls.

The E.C. chair would not rule out the possibility that the electronic transmission of ballots has been compromised. This follows but isn't limited to other developments including the hacking of the commission's website and posting of fake updates in its name.

As a matter of duty and caution, the commission has decided not to rely solely on the results recorded by the electronic system, which is what most people have seen or heard about. Instead, it will work with both methods: electronic and manual, which would take a little longer to reach the credible result that Ghanaians seek.

Other problems contributing to the delay in declaring the results of the just ended election have to do with the late start in voting in some places, including Afram Plains; the commissioner points out.

Ms. Osei stresses the fact that it's been 24 hours since votes were cast in most places across the country on Wednesday and reminds voters that it took 72 hours to declare the 2012 results. She calls for patience as the E.C. works diligently through the final details to make an official declaration. 

Annette Herrmann-Condobrey

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