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The Volta Charity League - A Laudable Idea for a Special People

Saturday, September 24, 2016

 Their Goals, Constituents and Plans 
Regarding the Peki Soccer Academy

The Volta Charity League is a joint project established in 2014 by Della Foundation and Happy Kids Foundation. The primary goal of the organization is to bring together orphanages and charity schools in the Volta Region of Ghana through the creation of a football league.

Organizers are passionate about the project which isn't common in Ghana where people who live in orphanages are generally excluded from the public inter-schools football games.

Their goals are clear.

"We want all children to have access to sport and leisure activities.

Our hope is to use the sport of football as a tool to help break down barriers and foster new friendships between the members of the different organizations that we are aiming at collaborating with.

Through this effort, our league will assist not only in the development of football skills, but also in the character building of our youth.

Additionally, for this edition, we hope to form an ultimate team made up of the best players from each participating school/orphanage to play an outstanding game with Peki Soccer Academy, located in Peki."

The Volta Charity League hopes that the group's events will be widely attended by local orphanages, charity organizations and other registered NGOs which have enthusiastic football teams.

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