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Saturday, September 3, 2016

(First published in July, 2014, by Gbi Viwo on Facebook).

From the beautiful Gbi Anyigbe area comes one of Gbi Viwo's respected sisters and our person of the week: Kafui Mawuena Ayer.

Ms. Ayer hails from Peki Wudome and Blengo, the respective hometowns of her parents: G.A.P. Ayer (deceased) and Esther Violet Leh. A former employee of the Customs, Excise & Preventive Service of Ghana, Ms. Ayer, a lawyer, moved into private legal practice after 20 years of work for CEPS.

Her interests go beyond formal legal practice. This old Mawuli Secondary School student and daughter of an educationist strongly believes in humanitarianism. Her passion lies in the eradication of generational poverty and domestic abuse of women and children through education.

The mother of three: ages 28, 24 and 23, has some advice for the youth: Looking for "shortcuts to make quick money" is the wrong approach to success. In her own words: "You cannot reap dividends when you don't invest. You can't reap a harvest when you don't sow seeds. Make an investment and the dividends will come later. The law of sowing and reaping has not changed."

The favorite of all quotes for this Gbi Vi comes from the Book of Romans – chapter 12:18: "If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men."

"Sister," as most of her family members call her, lives in Minnesota, USA. She is married to Nicholas Achina from Bowiri in the Hohoe Municipality.

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