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Hohoe Municipal Reading Competition Held: St. Francis Demonstration Pupil Tops

Friday, September 2, 2016

Anabel Attey: Best Student, Hohoe Municipal
Reading Competition
Season two of the basic schools reading competition in the Hohoe Municipality came off in June, 2016.

The first stage of the competition was held among schools in each circuit, out of which the best two schools are selected. 

St. Francis Demonstration Primary, Hohoe, emerged first at the circuit level and was selected to represent the Hohoe East circuit.

At the inter-circuit level of the competition, the best five circuits were selected to compete at the final stage. 

The student who represented St. Francis Demonstration - Anabel Attey - topped the five circuits and eventually emerged as overall best at the final stage of the reading competition.

She is part of the sample population for an experimental research being conducted in St. Francis Demonstration, to see the impact of E-Readers on reading skills.

Attey didn't just win; her outstanding performance stunned the organisers as well as some teachers who took note of her dramatic improvement in reading and strong passion for the subject.

The E-Readers programme was introduced to the school by Prince N. Darkey, the founder of Palace of Possibility, and supported by WorldReader.

By Felison Konsepts

You can visit and learn how you can support the E-Readers and WorldReader programs.

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