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Hohoe: Forty-Year-Old Gbi-Kpeme Mother of Five Enrolls in Primary School

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Report by Kwame Dankwah
Story originally told by Paul Ghanavi Anku 
via Facebook

A 40-year-old mother of 5 is currently pursuing her basic education at the Hohoe Kpeme Government Primary School in the Volta Region.

A few years after birth, Madam Anna birth became crippled and whenbirth became crippled and when she began to walk, she served as a house maid and used her earnings to take care of her siblings. The difficulties of life forced her to marry early and gave
birth to 5 kids with the elders among them aged 18 and 15 years respectively.

Determined to pursue formal education, she got enrolled and now attends school but also engages in petty trade after school each day to support her family.

Some benevolent individuals have already come to her aide with some learning materials including a staff of Hohoe-based Heritage FM when they discovered her predicament.
Malezia the chief farmer in Hohoe, staff and pupils of the school have also proven supportive in making the studies of madam Anna comfortable.

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