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Apostle Ernest Adulai: His Mission, Energy & Unflinching Love for Gbi.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

By Eddie Ameh Snr

Anybody who hasn’t heard of Apostle Ernest Adulai in Hohoe is either new in town or has simply refused to notice the man who has spent more than thirty years of his life bringing the good news of Christ to the people of Gbi.

For the uninitiated, Apostle Ernest Adulai is the senior pastor of the Revival Assemblies of God Church, located at Ahado.

Arguably the most influential clergyman in the municipality, this friend of Gbi has put Hohoe
on a high pedestal since the 1980s. He brought in some of the highest profile Christian speakers to the town, a feat that remains the envy of some of the so called big churches in Accra and other cities.

In 1985, just three years after the church was established and the congregation still worshipping under a shed, Adulai brought in  politician turned pastor William Ofori-Atta, popularly known as Paa Willie, to share the word of God with the people of Hohoe. That was the only time Paa Willie came to Hohoe for a different reason other than politics.

Other notable speakers the apostle brought to Gbi include Rev. Eastwood Anaba, popular gospel musician Mary Ghansah, Rev. Vaglas Kanko, Abraham Chigbundu and Nigerian occultist turned Christian - Emmanuel Enni.
Apostle Adulai says “It is important that people are exposed to other spiritual leaders to inspire them”. But his efforts stretch beyond spreading the gospel. Professionals including doctors, lawyers, bankers and engineers have also mounted his pulpit, not only to preach but to motivate the youth of Hohoe by impressing on them that it is possible to achieve anything in life.

Even before he finished bible school, Apostle Adulai knew he was coming to Hohoe. Without knowing anybody, he moved to the town and with the help of the Agbesinyale family at Ahado, had the first crusade on February 21, 1982.

 Apostle Adulai says his mission to Hohoe was a divine direction to a place he didn’t know.

“My dream is to raise young leaders for the turn around of the town,” he adds.

Today, the Revival Assemblies of God Church is the biggest charismatic/ Pentecostal church in Hohoe. The church has raised leaders, pastors and professionals than any other Pentecostal church in the town.

 “We have come this far by God’s divine help and I will say a mighty work of grace has been achieved,” the man of God says.

The church’s resident choir, “The Revival Echoes,” was the first choir in Hohoe to record a full studio album, titled “Onyame Se Ayeyi,” in 1990. Led by the talented Noah Karfo, Emmanuel Ayitey and popular keyboardist, “One man”, the songs from their album were heard on loud speakers along the streets of the town, in homes, cars and drinking bars. This feat, masterminded by Apostle Adulai, inspired other choirs who subsequently launched their albums.

Originally from Ada Foah in the Greater Accra Region, Apostle Adulai believes the development of the area is not the responsibility of people from Gbi alone. He says everybody should champion the development of the area and urges visitors to take up roles to help develop Gbi for as long as they remain in the area.

“I have a strong love for this place and I think everybody should,” Apostle Adulai says.

He says the Gbi Viwo group should unite and lobby for more development projects. Hohoe is rapidly expanding and this means pressure on infrastructure, water especially. Groups like Gbi Viwo and other influential leaders should start lobbying for the expansion of Hohoe’s water supply before it becomes a crisis, he says.

“We have to think ahead, we have to lobby to avert water crisis in this town,” he says.

The apostle reveals that the church has acquired land to establish a school and a hospital to help in Hohoe’s development.

He is married to Rev Grace Adulai and has four children, Narkie, Nartey, Korkor and Esther.  

Eddie Ameh Snr is a journalist at New Canadian Media, Ottawa, Ontario;
a graduate of Carlton University and Ghana Institute of Journalism.
Ameh grew up in Hohoe and is a member of the Gbi Viwo Community.

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