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Monday, October 19, 2015


The Gbi Voice is the official blog for Gbi Viwo (Gbi community worldwide) and their friends from all over the world. The Gbis are an ethnic group from Ghana's Volta Region, and a part of the larger Ewe ethnicity. The two Gbi areas, Hohoe and Peki, are located in the Hohoe Municipality & South Dayi District.  From all the places where they are based across the globe - members have maintained strong connections to their roots - hometowns, home district/municipality homeland and relatives. 

The primary goal of The Gbi Voice is to ensure that Gbis, friends of Gbis, and all who are connected to Gbi as well as those who have interests in the affairs of Gbiland, are informed on issues related to our community, the Volta Region, Ghana and the world - as they affect us all. 

Connect with us and our friends from all over the world - starting online and right here at this blog. Find out any information you need on Gbi, connecting communities and districts even as you follow the local, national and global affairs highlighted by us. 



Tel: +1856-213-1107

Editor: Antoinette Herrmann-Condobrey

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