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Delight Sedinam Atsyor: A Young Woman Who Inspires

Monday, October 19, 2015

Meet Delight Sedinam Atsyor from the Atsyor
and Aworxo families of Gbi Wegbe. You're also 
welcome to call her Afua, Solace or Marquart.

Sedinam was born at the Margaret Marquart Memorial Hospital, Kpando. She is the proud daughter of two traditional Gbi parents: Mr. John Atsyor, a farmer, and Mrs. Grace Aworxo Atsyor, a trader. 
The all Gbi girl began her basic education at 

the Gbi-Wegbe E.P. schools and completed at Nifa Junior High School, Adukrom-Akuapem. Sedinam went on to acquire secondary education at Kedjebi Asato Senior High School.

Sedinam, a resident of Abelenkpe, is a talented bead maker who is moving into costume designs. But that's not all: She is a professional teacher in the making – a freshman at St. Teresa's College of Education, Hohoe. 

A true example of a go-getter, this young woman sees life as a learning process and thinks how you condition your mind does affect the outcome of your life. Hoping for a better future isn't enough, she says; we must play active roles in achieving the quality that we desire in our lives and our future. A child of a catechist and a Presbyter, Sedinam says: Never forget the God factor in all you do.

To all Gbis, she has this to say: "I'm grateful for the opportunity and ever ready to be a part of the team that moves Gbi Forward. Miawoe le dor dzi. Gbi viwo le atiadedzi, ati la fe aba ma ka anyigbawo."

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