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The Peki Unity Gala: A Community Development Initiative

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The unifying power of football is unmatched, with little doubt, by any other sport in the world. The people of Peki understand that and the community’s maiden edition of its Annual Easter "Unity" Gala, held in April 2017, takes advantage of that.

The event, held in Avetile, is a community development initiative, corporate social responsibility and brainchild of Elom Ohene – community development activist and a native of the town.

The rational for the gala,” Ohene states, “is to show gratitude to the youth of peki for a peaceful and violence free elections, building the capacities of the youth using sports as a tool, to thank the youth for upholding the peace and unity of Peki and to bring together the youth for the general community development cause.”

Ohene, CEO of Nativity MicroFinance Services Ltd and a Business Consultant, describes his background as one from a family of unmatched community service. He considers the gala his way of giving back to his community.

The gala brought together Blengo, Dzake, Avetile, Sanga, Wudome, Dzogbati, Afeviofe and Tsame.

Ohene plans to expand the tournament to include Todome, Kpeve and the surrounding communities. He calls for close partnerships with the corporate world, benevolent individuals and community wide stakeholder involvement.

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