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Mahama Promises to Repair Destroyed Gabusu Building Again? Which of the Structures Did Government Finish Rebuilding in December 2015?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

PHOTO: By Richard Adzimah,
Gbi Viwo

Is the NDC Government Confused Between Togbega Gabusu's Residence & The Gbi Traditional Area's Palace?

On his latest visit to the Gbi Traditional Area today,  October 19, 2016, President John Dramani Mahama is said to have promised the people of the area that he will repair their chief's palace.

This seems likely to be in reference to the damage caused to the residence of Togbega Gabusu VI in 2012 by members of the Hohoe Zongo community who set the paramount chief's house on fire, following a disagreement about the burial place of their imam - an incident that led to a deadly clash between Zongo and the rest of the Gbi community.

The said promise by the president however brings up questions as to which of the damaged buildings associated with Gabusu and the Gbi Dzigbe paramountcy the same government was reported to have finished reconstructing in December 2015?

Is the president and his government confusing Togbega Gabusu's private residence, used for official duties in the absence of the yet to be done Gbi Traditional Palace, as the palace itself?

In 2015, Togbega Gabusu VI unveiled a detailed plan on his Facebook page for the construction of a two-story building for the Gbi Traditional Area. The building among other things, would house a museum and a mausoleum, Gabusu explained.

A few months later, the paramount chief reported to the public that construction of that building had begun, showing photographic evidence of work being done on the building's foundation.

Is President Mahama's latest promise in reference to the two-story building the paramount chief told the public about, since it is on record that the Gabusu residence that members of the Zongo community set on fire has already been reconstructed by government?

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